THE KEY AIM of this Event is to provide a forum for the user, supplier and scientific research communities to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and plans in the wide area of Culture & Technology. Participants receive up to date news on new international arts & information communication technologies (ICT) initiatives as well as on Projects in the visual arts field, in archaeology and history. Working Groups and new Projects are promoted. Scientific and technical demonstrations are presented.

Main topics

  • 2D – 3D Digital Image Acquisition
  • Leading Applications: Galleries, Libraries, Education, Archaeological Sites, Museums & Historical Tours
  • Integrated Digital Archives for Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art
  • Management of Museums by using ICT Technology: Access, Guides, Documentation & Other Services
  • Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia 360° Technologies
  • Virtual Galleries, Digital Museums
  • Human - Computer Interaction for Cultural Heritage Applications
  • Design development and applications
  • 3D Developments and Applications in the Cultural Heritage Area
  • Copyright Protection (Watermarking, Anticonfeiting  & Electronic Commerce)
  • Culture and e-government
  • Activities and Programmes for  e-learning
  • Creative Enterprises
  • Digital Content Distribution Ecosystem
  • Digital Theaters
  • Cultural Tourism & Travel Applications
  • Art and Medicine

Who should attend

  • Technology & Visual Arts Research Organisations
  • The Cultural Sector      
  • The Government Sector     
  • Media & Related Sectors
  • The ICT  Industry, especially multimedia SME’s      
  • Tourism & Travel Sector

Working language of EVA SAINT PETERSBURG – English